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Therapy With School Age Children (5-12 years)

Therapy sessions may use play to identify specific issues affecting your child's schoolwork, home life and general well being. 


Children Groups

Small groups are held to teach social skills, anger management, conflict resolution and coping strategies.  They are usually focused on specific themes.  Call for current groups.


Parent Coaching

Parenting isn't easy and sometimes it helps to have a coach.  We will explore together the meaning of your child's behavior and identify ways to address the problem situation.  This can often be accomplished in brief episodes of counseling (1-3 sessions).


Family Therapy

Our families grow in many directions through the years.  Children leave and return, sometimes with children of their own!  I invite as many family members as necessary to join our sessions, discuss the issues, and find ways that each member may work to make changes that will reduce stress and strengthen the family circle. 


School Consultations

This service may include observing the child in class, attending school meetings, consulting with parents and teachers on behavior.  Jointly, we will identify possible solutions and discuss recommendations.  

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